Walking through the parks

This was my first adventure solo in the Netherlands & I thought I would finally share with you… It started out as a nice overcast day, so a good chance to walk for 1 hour.  Since most of what I knew was what I could see from the side of…

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Liberty Road Posts on the Roadside still

Luxembourg & Belgium

Sorry for the delay in posting, life is happening and many photos to share from Belgium.  We left Germany and spent a couple of days in Belgium with trips into Luxembourg.  The Best Western in Belgium was nice, it was a combination hotel/restaurant/rest area with everything except a fuel station….

Breakfast at Zimt Und Zucker cafe

I heart Berlin

I really enjoyed our time in Berlin!  After an interesting start, the two days in Berlin were great. The interesting start was the first hotel we were going to use, it seemed close to everything, and was very reasonable.  As we drove into the neighborhood we started to worry a…


Photos from my walks

Well less than a week before my next post, I’m getting better at this.  Since I am not working yet, and I’m more than a few kilos (pounds) overweight, I have been trying to take a walk every day.  So today I’ll post some of the photos and I will…