Life in NL


Walking through the parks

This was my first adventure solo in the Netherlands & I thought I would finally share with you… It started out as a nice overcast day, so a good chance to walk for 1 hour.  Since most of what I knew was what I could see from the side of…

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EU Terrorism

It’s been over 24 hours since 4 terrorists killed over 30 people and hurt over 200 and I wanted to share a few thoughts and stories. Brussels is about 1 hour away from where we live in the Netherlands, and is the airport I used when I came to visit…

Dutch Visa

Dutch Visa Part II

I believe my experience with IND (Dutch Immigration) is not the same experience as everyone else but I promised an update.  While we were on holiday, I got an e-mail & Ilka got an e-mail on her phone that until I had my actual visa I was no longer allowed…

Forklift work in the warehouse

My New Job

Hello!  I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long.  I will explain.  On Monday January 25 I started my new job as a warehouse worker for Scotch & Soda, a fashion designer based in Amsterdam Netherlands.  Ilka works for Scotch & Soda already, she is the Team Lead for the…


Dutch Visa Part I (sort of)

For those who follow me in FaceBook I posted that my visa was approved.  There is a longer story that goes back to last spring.  Ilka came to visit for Derby Week and the week after.  Of course at this point we were engaged and had not set a date….