Walking through the parks


This was my first adventure solo in the Netherlands & I thought I would finally share with you…

It started out as a nice overcast day, so a good chance to walk for 1 hour.  Since most of what I knew was what I could see from the side of the apartment building I was ready for an adventure.  So I started to walk.  At the time I was still using my old phone for steps and distance, which also has a lot of music on it so I set the music to random upbeat & adjusted the headphones to a level where I could hear the music and the sound of someone coming up behind me.

In the park next to the house, the paths are multi-use, the walkers & runners share the path with bikes & scooters (scooters up to a certain engine size can use the bike paths, but due to their speed & numbers there is a movement to move them to the roadways as they can reach speeds over 40 kph (25 mph)) plus the occasional government vehicle.  So I wanted to leave the volume down in case someone rang a bell to warn me they are there.  So about 2 kilometers (1 mile) into what turned into a 6 kilometer walk (a little over 3 miles as my phone was in miles) I walked through an underpass that was under the Dutch interstate A20 & the train line.  At this point the path had turned into the 3 path system Road, bike & sidewalk.  As I walked out of the underpass, I thought briefly the world was ending and Jesus was about to appear in the sky,  I was about to be hit and killed by construction equipment or a bicycle was about to eat me.  I was deciding how inviting the ditch was looking when I thought to look up for the heavens to open and to be taken into the skies.  A train was passing on the overpass causing the noise.  Ironically, just a few months later I started using that very overpass on the last leg of a train home from the office in Hoofddorp.  My experiences on the train will wait for a future blog though.  That particular walk was somewhat uneventful after that and my blog titles Photos from my walks has some of my later adventures into Prinses Beatrixpark (Princess Beatrix Park) and a smaller sports park with multi-use paths through it.

Since I started working my ventures into the park are much shorter, since especially with the warmer weather most of our walking, when I’m not getting 20,000+ steps a day at work is when we get out and enjoy the Netherlands.  Among the things we have done are taken the train to Rotterdam to walk around Centrum (the city center) to see the finish line the weekend of the Rotterdam Marathon, attended a picnic with a group Ilka is a part of, an open house at our local fire station (that will become a blog post no doubt) toured several homes looking for a new home, and of course going to several malls and a few markets to see what we can find.

Below are my photos from my walks:

IMG_0043 IMG_0042 IMG_0041 IMG_0040 IMG_0039 IMG_0038










There a few photos I took of the overpass as another train was passing by.  If you look carefully you can see that many of the trains in the NL are electric instead of relying solely on diesel power.

IMG_0036 IMG_0035 IMG_0034 IMG_0037






These are the road signs used in throughout NL to determine who uses what path. The first shows that the bike path is once again 2 way, the second & third show the walking path and the last is a post on the walking path, I believe it is there to discourage cyclists from trying to use the walking paths.







This is an intersection of a road, a multi-use path, and separate road, bike and walking lanes.  The bike lane is red (most bike only lanes are) the grey bricks are the sidewalks and the black asphalt is the road.

IMG_0136 IMG_0134






At the end of the park was a nice surprise, a windmill, at the very bottom of the photo the silver arrow looking thing is the the edge of the train station Schiedam Centrum & the name of the street that is actually one the main roads in Schiedam.


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