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It’s been over 24 hours since 4 terrorists killed over 30 people and hurt over 200 and I wanted to share a few thoughts and stories. Brussels is about 1 hour away from where we live in the Netherlands, and is the airport I used when I came to visit Ilka in September 2014, so I have been in that same departure hall that was bombed. Closer to home on 22 March, the town that Scotch & Soda has our warehouses is Hoofddorp and the last train station before Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport. The Dutch national police realized there was a train headed for Schiphol from Brussels. It was forced to stop at Hoofddorp, the passengers were taken off the train by the Counterterrorism team, taken to a local hotel while the train was searched thoroughly. NS (Dutch national train service) was suspended for several hours as was the airport. The sound of trains (we can see the station from the office roof) and airplanes taking off and landing are as common as hearing the birds. It reminded me off the days after 9/11 when nothing was flying. By the time we left the office both the trains & planes were back to normal but that few hours was a reminder that terrorism still exists. A dear friend posted on Facebook these words SITUATIONAL AWARENESS…SITUATIONAL AWARENESS….SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. Thank you Silas for the reminder. I do maintain situational awareness, after 8 years of military service, 11 years of knocking on strangers doors as a cable TV lineman and 10 years of being a volunteer firefighter, I am usually aware of my surroundings. When we were in Berlin, I told Ilka our room was exactly 4 doors in each direction from the stairwells, as much for fire reasons as for terror reasons. During the 1970s & 1980s the Red Brigades plagued Germany & Italy especially with terrorism but were a problem in all of Europe. Now it seems it is Middle Eastern extremists are blowing up bombs to hurt & kill others in Europe. According to the news, the people killed held citizenships from 40 countries (some had dual citizenships) including at least 1 American. Rest assured I will do everything to keep ourselves safe. Ilka said today that it is not a matter of if but when terrorism will happen in the Netherlands. When it happens, I hope we are not near it, but the threat will not stop us from living out lives and being ourselves, and I will maintain my vigilance to keep us safe.

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  1. Bill, I thought about you and Ilka. I am so glad you are safe.

  2. Great writing William

  3. Billy (yes, my sweet friend I will call you that until we are old and decrepit, as you are like a little brother to me)…. My heart was breaking for you & your beautiful bride the day I was apprised of the news. I feared the possibility that you may have wandered off forl

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