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Liberty Road Posts on the Roadside still

Sorry for the delay in posting, life is happening and many photos to share from Belgium.  We left Germany and spent a couple of days in Belgium with trips into Luxembourg.  The Best Western in Belgium was nice, it was a combination hotel/restaurant/rest area with everything except a fuel station.  The hotel was on one side of the highway and the restaurant was on the other side with a walkway over the highway.  It was a bit frustrating the first day as we had to be out of our room from 1000-1700 (10:00AM-5:00PM) as there was some sort of work (we were never told what exactly) that needed to be done to our room.  So we got up a little earlier than planned and went out, only to realize by about 1200 that Luxembourg on a rainy day in February is not the place to be.  So we decided to go to plan B…we found a shopping mall!  So we wandered through the shopping mall, bought a couple of small things we needed and headed back to the hotel.  They were finishing up as we returned (at 1730 5:30PM).  When we got back in our room we found the window wide open, so we closed it.  We suspect they sprayed the room for bugs.  We found what looked like a flea, but that was it.  That night we went back to a restaurant we discovered during our shopping trip, a ChiChi’s Tex-Mex place, a chain that used to be headquartered in Louisville KY until it went bankrupt.  A little research shows Chi-Chi’s is no longer in North America but only in Europe, Asia & the Middle East now headquartered in Switzerland.  The next day we checked out, and drove to Bastogne to check out the several museums in the area.  The largest and government supported museum is the Battle of the Bulge Museum.  It has a large number of artifacts, many displays and even three small theaters set up in different places to give a personal story.  The museum gives you a headset to wear set for your preferred language that activates in different spots and the battle is told from 4 points of view: a young boy, a school teacher, a US soldier & a German soldier.  It is interesting to hear the story told from all 4 points of view.  I took several photos of the museum and the grounds around it, but forgot to take photos of some restored jeeps and a weapons carrier that were driven into the parking lot by a group of reenactors who were also visiting the museum that day.  We left there and went to the 101st Airborne Museum also in Bastogne, it is much smaller and privately maintained.  It is purely dedicated to the 101st Airborne and the siege of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.  I didn’t take very many photos there, as I very interested in what I was looking at.  I will return to that museum and will take more photos.  After 2 museums we went searching for the American cemetery in the area.  We found the German cemetery, and saw in the distance an American flag seemingly in a field.  We drove there and discovered that by 1947 all US soldiers buried in a field there had been returned to the US or placed in the American cemetery in Luxembourg.  The flag and a memorial stone were left to mark the field that was used.  From there our trip ended, we drove back to home.

Belgium/Luxembourg border Belgium/Luxembourg border 2 Belgium EU sign

Former Luxembourg Customs house on the highway

Luxembourg Border Sign






The photos on the Border between Belgium & Luxembourg.  The buildings are the old customs houses used before the EU was founded.

A view of our hotel-restaurant from the highway. Wider shot hotel-restaurant The highway from our hotel-restaurant

A view from the restaurant over the highway






The view from the highway & from the hotel from the walkway and going under the walkway.


Luxembourg War Memorial Close Luxembourg War Memorial War Memorial Plaque Another War Memorial War Memorial Closer Shot Ancient Bridge Ilka & Old Train Bridge Luxembourg City Old & New










Some of our photos in Luxembourg, the World War II monuments; the old bridges; a beautiful angel; and a shot of the old city & the modern city.


An enclosed phone booth 2 Interior of an enclosed phone booth Wiedemann... Rue Dicks in Luxembourg City






An real phone booth that I guess still works! The name of a construction firm that is a variation of the spelling of my last name & I’m still a 12 year old kid and giggled as I took a picture of the street sign…Fortuna is a chain of souvenir shops in Northern Europe.


Chi-Chi's Sign Chi-Chi's Napkin Chi-Chi's Door






The Chi-Chi’s we ate at the second night in Belgium, walking in it reminded me of the US version.


35th ID honor at Battle of the Bulge Museum Kentucky soldiers honor at Battle of the Bulge Museum 101 Airborne Honored at Battle of the Bulge Museum Cafe scene at Battle of the Bulge museum German officer effects BotBm German Personal Items BotBm Winter weather gear BotBm Tanker helmet & Armored Division Steel pot BotBm Medic with Litter at Battle of the Bulge museum Medical display at Battle of the Bulge museum Assorted helmets from Battle of the Bulge Sherman Tank damaged BotBm Wide shot Damaged Sherman Tank BotBm German Machine Gun BoBM Set for Bastogne Theater BotBm US Cold Weather uniform BotBm USAAF flyers uniform BotBm German Staff Car US Officer's uniform BotBm German General's leather coat BotBm Actual Bastogne sign from WWII BotBm US uniform BotBm US officer's uniform BotBm US & German uniforms in winter 1944-1945 German soldier's uniform BotBm Rear US Army H-D motorcycle BotBm Top US Army H-D motorcycle BotBm Side US Army H-D motorcycle BotBm Bazooka Anti-Tank weapon BotBm US Army Cold weather uniform (28th Inf) BotBm US Army Tanker uniform BotBm M1917 Machine Gun BotBm German camo uniform BotBm German genadier BotBm Panzerfust BotBm German weapons BotBm German RTO BotBm US uniforms BotBm US weapons BotBm German machine gun crewman BotBm German officer uniform BotBm German Tiger Tank BotBm German anti-tank rounds BotBm Mortar BotBm German soldier with Panzerfust BotBm WWII comfort items BotBm Allie uniforms BotBm Japanese officer uniform BotBm US Marine Camo uniform BotBm Phrase books issued to troops BotBm US Army Jeep BotBm Closer look souvenirs from Belgium BotBm Louisville Slugger from WWII BotBm Russian Phrase book Russian uniform & weapons BotBm Various US items BotBm Airborne Glider Cap BotBm Us paratrooper uniform BotBm German SS uniform BotBm Free French Helmet BotBm Road to Liberty Roadside Posts Liberty Road Posts on the Roadside still Sherman Tank BotBm Underground Handmade Pistols BotBm Underground Forging Equipment Free French Uniform BotBm Luger & French Helmet BotBm

































































These are the photos from the Battle of the Bulge Museum, I only took photos of a small part of the museum it is a vast museum.  The first photos are from the outdoor memorial, all the major US units are honored on the walls as well as all 48 states, they added Alaska & Hawaii as well.  The 35th Infantry Division was the National Guard division I served in & the 101st Airborne has it’s own history of course.


101 Museum Sign Ilka with the 101 Museum sign Native American Class A uniform 101 museum Makeshift Aid station at 101 Museum






Here are the photos of the 101st Airborne Museum. Note to a certain 101st veteran Ilka did the number one fingers for you… I did not get a photo from the location of the American cemetery, it was late in the day & I was a bit tired, I will get a photo of the marker the next time I visit.

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  1. What a super trip into history! I consider myself well read in WW II war history … and there you are standing in the midst of serious history. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience your friends.

  2. I’m blown away by your trip! My ex-husband was 101st & used to quote Maj. Gen. Wm. C. Lee, “the 101st”…has no history, but has a Rendezvous with Destiny.” Lol!!! Don’t know if you heard THAT in your history lesson.

    I am really jealous of you & the wife’s trip. I can only imagine the magnitude of realization you must have felt when hearing the story & seeing site. I’ve been to Arlington National Cemetary & it’s as if you hear the voices speaking & telling you their tales. Some so young.

    Love you guys! Much happiness!

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